Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Curriculum

August 22, 2017

Using the free Moodle learning management system platform, Vanderbilt LEND has worked with experts from across the country to create a set of curriculum resources (readings, assignments, discussion prompts, case studies, additional resources, etc.) on more than 30 different Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (NDD) topics - from early identification of Autism and hearing in children to positive behavior support, Special Education Part B Services, and sexual health for individuals with disabilities. These modules, which can be updated and added to as needed, are housed on a central Moodle site and pushed out to individual programs / centers for customization.

While originally developed to support LEND curriculum development and implementation, this content is relevant for (and available to) all AUCD network members engaged in pre-service training activities. To request access to the NDD Curriculum Resources, contact Tara Minor, MA, MAT, Medical Education Specialist for Vanderbilt's Department of Pediatrics and Vanderbilt Consortium LEND staff: 615-875-3394 (53394) or