No Cuts, No Caps to Medicaid!

Press & Photos from June 6th

May 31, 2017


pdf File #SAVEMEDICAID Social Media Toolkit in PDF (647KB) [download]

doc File #SAVEMEDICAID Social Media Toolkit in Word (1,412KB) [download]



The new American Health Care Act (AHCA) cuts over $800 billion from Medicaid. The proposed per capita caps and cuts will have devastating and deadly consequences for people w/disabilities & seniors. Join us on June 6 to educate Congress about what cuts and caps REALLY means. Use this toolkit to participate in a Day of Action to #SaveMedicaid, no matter where you are.


Spread the Word: No Cuts! No Caps! Save Medicaid!

Start now to show you stand with millions of Americans in saying cuts and caps to Medicaid would be devastating. Prepare now for the June 6 rallies, and begin flooding social media with your photos and stories. What you can do:

Share Rally Information

Join advocates, Senator Casey (PA), Senator Van Hollen (MD), Hon. Tony Coelho, and other members of Congress to stop Medicaid caps and cuts and save the lives of people with disabilities.

  • Rally in DC: see facebook for details. Indicate you're interested so you stay informed, and invite ALL your facebook friends!
  • Plan a companion rally in your local area using this guide

Take a Selfie and Share Your Reasons to #SaveMedicaid

Stories and photos have major power. Print out the last page of this document (or download it from Flickr) and use the blank space to write how cuts and caps to Medicaid will affect you. Take a selfie while holding your sign and post it to social media, tagging #SaveMedicaid and your Member of Congress (find your Members of Congress and their twitter account here).

Make an Appointment to Visit your Member of Congress

Plan to visit Congress immediately after the rally and talk to them about the importance of Medicaid to you and the lives of people you love.

Tweet your story to your Members of Congress

Tweet and Facebook and call your Members of Congress with stories of how cuts to Medicaid will have severe impacts to people with disabilities, seniors, children, and low-income Americans. See a list of sample messages below, and find your Members of Congress here.

--Day of Action--

Tuesday, June 6: #SaveMedicaid Day

Use today to make a HUGE impact. Flood the halls of Congress, local offices, phone lines, and social media with all the reasons it's important to Save Medicaid and stop cuts and caps to our lifeline.

Attend a Rally

Visit, Call, and Tweet your Member of Congress

  • Visit: In-person is best if you can. Keep the appointment you made last week and tell your story.  Not sure what to say?  Here are some ideas for talking points.
  • Call: Call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request. Find your Members of Congress here, and use the tweets below or this as talking points. Call multiple times throughout the day! Contact your Governor too - caps and cuts shift costs to the states, and your Governor needs to hear from you.
  • Tweet your Member of Congress. Use the list of suggested tweets below, and tag your member of Congress
    • Good: Start the tweet with their twitter name: a semi-private conversation. This directs the tweet to the person, but restricts the number of people who see it. The person will get a notification that you've tweeted them, but only the people who follow both you and the person will see the tweet. Example: @mysenator: cutting and capping Medicaid is dangerous for PWD. #SaveMedicaid
    • Better: Put their twitter name somewhere else in the tweet: A public statement. All your followers and all the person's followers will see the tweet, and the person will get a notification that they've been mentioned in your tweet. Example: Cutting and capping Medicaid is dangerous for PWD. @mysenator #SaveMedicaid

Change your Twitter and Facebook Cover Image

On June 6, declare your support by changing your Twitter and Facebook cover images in support of #SaveMedicaid. Download these customized images from

Change your Facebook Profile Picture Frame

On June 6, declare your support by changing your Twitter and Facebook cover images in support of #SaveMedicaid. While logged in to Facebook,

  1. Go to the profile picture frame feature
  2. Click on the menu to the left of your profile picture
  3. Select the frame you would like to add (#SaveMedicaid by AUCD)
  4. Click Use as Profile Picture to save


Primary: #SaveMedicaid

Secondary: #NoCutsNoCaps

Action Partners to Tag in Tweets and Posts:

  • @AUCDnews (AUCD)
  • @ccd4pwd (CCD)
  • @TheArcUS (The Arc)
  • @ACLU (ACLU)
  • @PolicyUpdates (National Down Syndrome Congress)
  • @BazelonCenter (Bazelon Center)
  • @AutSelfAdvocacy (ASAN)
  • @LSADNadvocacy (Lutheran Services in America Disability Network)
  • @AFB1921 (Am. Fed. of the Blind)
  • @CivilRightsOrg (Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights)
  • @HRC (Human Rights Campaign)
  • & Search twitter for #SaveMedicaid to see a list of influential accounts tweeting about the topic.

--Sample Tweets & Talking Points--

  • Cutting and capping Medicaid is dangerous for PWD #SaveMedicaid
  • Innovation needs funding. Cutting Medicaid isn't the answer. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid helps PWD live lives like everyone else #SaveMedicaid
  • We want to live in our homes, not nursing homes! #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
  • Federal cuts and caps will shift costs onto PWD & families - People who are already struggling #SaveMedicaid
  • Less money means LESS flexibility for states #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
  • Less money means fewer disability services for the people who need it most! #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid helps PWD get and keep jobs so they can be taxpaying citizens & full members of their communities #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid helps support kids with disabilities so they can get the free, appropriate education they deserve #SaveMedicaid
  • Unpaid caregivers (like parents) save taxpayers $450 billion a year. Cutting their support hurts everyone. #SaveMedicaid
  • Waiting lists are already years long. Medicaid cuts & caps would make them even longer. #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
  • Direct support workers are overworked & underpaid. Cutting & capping Medicaid makes the situation worse. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid expansion has saved thousands of lives. Don't turn back the clock! #SaveMedicaid
  • People with less shouldn't have to pay more for basic care. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid expansion funds Community First Choice, which helps PWD live at home instead of nursing homes & institutions #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid pays for necessary #SpecEd services that students with disabilities need to succeed #SaveMedicaid
  • Don't be fooled: Caps ARE cuts. #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
  • Medicaid caps = Robin Hood in reverse. #SaveMedicaid
  • Timely access to care is a life or death matter. #SaveMedicaid
  • We need more Medicaid funding, not less, to improve choices and quality of care. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid is my lifeline. #SaveMedicaid
  • Without federal funding, states will have to choose which people to cover and which to let die. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid is the nation's largest health insurer for kids w/ disabilities & special health care needs, covering 43% of them #SaveMedicaid #SaveOurKids
  • Slashing funds to state Medicaid prgms puts tax cuts for the wealthy ahead of children and their futures. #SaveMedicaid
  • Nearly half of Medicaid beneficiaries are children: 30+million low-income kids rely on benefits to live. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid is currently the gold standard for children's health care, including #EPSDT. Don't force states to cut benefits. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid covers foster children and children with disabilities. #SaveMedicaid so these kids stay safe & healthy.
  • Kids with disabilities should be in their own homes, not nursing homes. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid is the largest source of funding nationwide for maternity care. #SaveMedicaid
  • 1in7 seniors rely on Medicaid for care as they age. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid cuts and caps put our seniors in danger. #SaveMedicaid
  • "Flexibility" shouldn't mean fewer, lower quality options for people with disabilities and families #SaveMedicaid