Fellow from the IHD/NAU Wins Student Poster Presentation

May 30, 2017

 Dr. Trina Spencer, Research Director and Diana del Cid
Dr. Trina Spencer, Research Director and Diana del Cid

Diana Del Cid, a first year graduate student in the School Psychology, Educational Specialist program became the Institute for Human Development's first trainee to be offered a Diversity Fellowship. The Fellowship program recruits and prepare scholars from underrepresented groups to the field of developmental disabilities. The goal of the fellowship is to engage the fellow in experiences designed to teach them skills to become leaders in their chosen discipline for the benefit of individuals with developmental disabilities.

As part of Diana's fellowship, she was a research assistant on an IES grant funded project Puente de Cuentos, for the past year. Diana's role was to provide consultation to teachers who were implementing a bilingual curriculum intervention (Spanish/English) developed by Dr. Trina Spencer and her colleagues. The Curriculum was implemented at head starts throughout Northern Arizona. Diana has had an incredible experience working with colleagues, teachers, and children. She has grown both personally and professionally.

Diana presented her research at the Four Corners Applied Behavior Analysis annual conference, held in Flagstaff in March, 2017. She won the best student poster award. She has recently been accepted into the Arizona LEND and will continue to be a part of the AUCD family for another year.