Westchester Institute for Human Development (WIHD) LEND Trainees present final projects to New York State Department of Health

May 24, 2017

On April 27th, WIHD LEND trainees were in Albany, NY to present their research projects to the Department of Health and other stakeholders as part of their final project for the course "Seminar in Evidence-based Methods (SEBM)". In addition to 22 in-person trainees, two trainees from the University of Puerto Rico and two trainees from the U.S. Virgin Islands also participated via distance technology.

The projects presented included: Needs and Quality of Life in Families with Children with Developmental Disabilities or Delay Trainees: Emely Perez Ramirez, Juan Trinidad Faculty: Annie Amador Alonso, PsyD, MSW, Maria Reyes, MSW, Mario H. Rodriguez, PhD, MPH, Ilia Torres, MS, DrPH Enuresis amongst Children in Foster Care: Prevalence and Risk Factors Trainees: Jacqueline Faison, Jeannie Hampton-Risucci, MegAnn McGinnis, Kimberly Trapasso Faculty: Jenean Castillo, PhD Library Accessibility for Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities Trainees: Kenneth Burr, Jennifer Fan, Sandra Mislow, Jennifer Sparano Faculty: Jenna Lequia, PhD, Tricia Patrick, DrPH Tele-health in the U.S. Virgin Islands: Investigating the Possibilities of Increasing Early Screening and Diagnosis of Developmental Disabilities Trainees: Sandra King, Carla Perkins Faculty: Kimberly Mills, PhD The WIKI Project: A Multimedia Tool for Adults with Disabilities Trainees: Barbara Cheuvront, Kimberly Mack, Shreya Malhotra, Alison Riith Faculty: Tricia Patrick, DrPH Children with Disabilities' Rate of Sexual Abuse Disclosure and Subsequent Outcomes: An Exploratory Study Trainees: Caitlin Huber, Carol Ann Hughes, Patricia Valcourt, Marianne Vivien Faculty: Trupti Rao, PsyD, Beth Reiman, PhD, LCSW A Longitudinal Study of Children with Early Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis Trainees: Amanda Apa, Khadija Bleasdell, Katherine Dao, Jamie Marrus Faculty: Patricia Towle, PhD Individualized Behavioral Treatment of Blood-Injection-Injury Phobia and Avoidance of Medical Procedures in Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disorders: A Single Case Design Study Trainees: Surbhi Arora, Laurel Donaldson, Ashley Rivera, Amanda Sapanara Faculty: Nicole Turygin, PhD