NCD Study on Sexual Assault with Disabilities on College Campuses

April 19, 2017

The National Council on Disability is in the process of collecting data for a report on sexual assault of students with disabilities on college campuses. The report will provide a national overview of college services and supports regarding sexual assault on campus - from prevention to reporting, to post assault support, and how survivors with disabilities fare within those structures. The findings in this report primarily serve to assist policymakers with insight needed to make informed policy that improves the ability of colleges to provide services, supports, and improved outcomes for students with disabilities who have experienced sexual assault on campus. Thank you for participating in this important work.

NCD is  partnering with RTI International, a non-profit organization. Led by Dr. Jay Feldman, Dr. Nitya Venkateswaran and Dr. Deborah Tull, RTI will issue a broad questionnaire regarding college policies and practices that will be supplemented through key informant interviews. Feedback from the questionnaire and interviews will be analyzed by RTI. Responses will be kept confidential and reported only in aggregate form.

We request your assistance to participate in this project by sharing feedback in a questionnaire. Please click this link to access the questionnaire. After you complete the questionnaire, RTI may contact your college to follow up with an interview request to deepen our understanding of your college's practices and policies.

Your willingness to share your expertise and experiences will  ensure that policy makers will be accurately informed on the current state of college policies and practices related to students with disability who have experienced sexual assault.

Should you have questions about the scope or purpose of this project, please contact Project Director, Dr. Nitya Venkateswaran at [email protected]