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March 2, 2017

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In January 2015, OAR released A Guide to Safety, the newest installment of the Life Journey Through Autism series. Since then, OAR has distributed over 3,000 copies to homes, classrooms, fire and police departments, and resource libraries. Designed with families, educators, and first responders in mind, the goal is to give readers the tools and resources they need to address their autism safety issues.

Written in collaboration with key stakeholders and experts within the autism community, A Guide to Safety includes life-saving tips, strategies, and tools to help families strengthen their safety plans. The topics cover the entire lifespan, including:


  • Wandering and elopement
  • Interaction with law enforcement
  • Physical and sexual safety
  • Money and Internet safety


"Given the central importance of safety to a happy, healthy, and productive life, OAR's Guide to Safety is a major addition to an already impressive lineup of OAR resources. In fact, I think Safety Guide is the most important guidebook we have produced," says Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D., chair of OAR's Scientific Council. Feedback OAR has received corroborates Dr. Gerhardt's assessment:


  • "Thank you so much for this safety guide! We will definitely use it on a daily basis." - CJ, mother from Independence, Mo.
  • "Thank you so much for producing such a comprehensive guide and for sharing it. This is a huge area of concern for our families, and I am grateful to see this helpful guide being produced." - Mary, autism professional from West Palm Beach, Fla.


Get Your Copy of A Guide to Safety

A Guide to Safety is available for free online and in hard copy. Please limit your order to one copy per family. For questions or comments, contact us at [email protected]