Nutrition is For Everyone - March 2017

March 1, 2017


March 2017 | Vol. 2 Issue 3

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 Nutrition is for Everyone Ambassador Updates


Arkansas Share Our StrengthsThe first Central Arkansas Cooking Matters will wrapped up on February 27, 2017 with a huge success. They had ten participants in the class with disabilities and they all embraced the adapted curriculum and successfully prepared six new recipes in the class and then again at home. There has been excellent feedback and all who have participated state that they have not only learned healthier eating habits, but have been implementing them at home. Their favorite recipe was the healthy pita pizzas!

The Arkansas Nutrition Ambassador also started the Bentonville, Arkansas Cooking Matters class and had over 10 participants sign up for the class. They have made two recipes so far that have been a huge success. This is the first Cooking class for people with disabilities to be offered in their area.

NIFE in Arkansas hosted a booth at the Central Arkansas Special Olympics basketball tournament. They were able to offer healthy snacks, educate on nutrition, and spread the word about Nutrition is for Everyone to over 200 participants.


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Three Cooking Matters ClassesLouisiana is preparing to offer two more Cooking Matters classes this spring. A nutrition student, Colleen, has recently joined the program team as an intern. She has many years of experience with people with disabilities and is excited to integrate nutrition into her work. The Louisiana team continues to work on adaptation to the curriculum to make sure it is as inclusive as possible.


Deputy ambassadors taught their second class at a local hospital for the Hispanic Initiative on how small changes can add up to big results. Family members who have children with disabilities and as well as members of the local community attended.

They also conducted a radio interview for a local Hispanic station, Radio Restauracion el monte de los olivos. Ambassadors were also interviewed by a Hispanic TV channel, Telemundo, to promote Nutrition is for Everyone.

Self advocates are practicing presenting their healthy living modules to the community. This healthy living module includes how to speak with Healthcare professionals, how to eat healthy, and how to be active.

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TN Ambassadors In Tennessee, the Nutrition Ambassador has helped develop a relationship between the undergraduate dietetic program at the University of Memphis and the Post-Secondary Education Program, TigerLife. A senior dietetic student has taken a primary role in developing and teaching weekly classes. Three classes have been completed with lots of experiential and interactive learning. Students have learned about fruits and vegetables, food groups and classes of nutrients, MyPlate - which encourages that half the plate be filled with fruits and vegetables, and experienced trying new foods. Each class included a food sampling.

Most recently, a scavenger hunt was held in the University cafeteria, looking for fruit and vegetable options at the different food vendors available. There were lots of fun and interesting discussions! Similar program relationships are being pursued in other universities across the state.

The Nutrition Ambassador is also speaking to the Tennessee Disability Coalition board, and at the MidSouth Autism Conference in March, to raise awareness of the Nutrition Is for Everyone program, with anticipated opportunities for future education and training.

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  Nutrition Events

AUCD Visits Nutrition is for Everyone Sites

AUCD Visits Nutrition is for EveryoneTanisha Clarke, AUCD's Senior Program Manager on the Public Health Team visited our Nutrition is for Everyone programs in Tennessee and Arkansas.

During the time in Tennessee, Tanisha watched as students took their lessons learned about fruits and vegetables from the classroom into the real world. Through experiential learning, they worked to identify healthy food choices at the campus food store and made a meal from there that filled up their MyPlate.

Tanisha also visited Arkansas, where she participated in their Little Rock Cooking Matters class and graduation ceremony. Tanisha watched as students prepared yogurt parfait desserts that they shared with their guests. Students were celebrated and received a diploma and apron for their completion of the six-week class.


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  Nutrition in Action

Revenge of the Lunch Lady

Image of a red school lunch tray
Read about how Rhonda McCoy achieved nutrition success in one of the unhealthiest cities in America, Huntington, West Virginia, a feat that even celebrity chef Jamie Oliver could not pull off. This story described why her methods worked and the contributing factors that led to her rare success.
Read the full story here 



NDCPD Launches First iPad App

Image of plate with cartoon vegetables
Winter weather makes it especially difficult to keep up with healthy activities. Eight ways to prioritize your health and keep up with healthy habits include making soup instead of sweet treats, meditate, and get your steps in on the stairs. Read more about making your health a priority here.



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