Nutrition is for Everyone - January 2017

January 4, 2017


January 2017 | Vo2. 1 Issue 1

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 We will be sharing this newsletter on the first Wednesday of every month to observe #WellnessWednesdayand to share healthy eating and nutrition tips for people with disabilities.

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 Nutrition is for Everyone Ambassador Updates

Arkansas Hunger relief AllianceThe Cooking Matters curriculum continues to be adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities with the help of wonderful partners including AR Hunger Relief Alliance and the Arkansas Disability and Health Program. The new recipe book is almost finished and will be implemented into our first classes beginning in January 2017.

We have also established a new partnership with the Special Olympics in Arkansas to reach athletes across the state. We will be developing a nutrition tool kit to send to an estimated 15,000 athletes. The tool kit will help educate about our grant's purpose of increasing fruit and vegetable accessibility along with consumption. We will also be present at their athlete's leadership training meeting and serve healthy snacks/provide nutrition education at their annual Central Arkansas basketball tournament.

Nutrition is for Everyone AR also had the opportunity to attend the AUCD Conference 2017 and visit Capitol Hill in Washington DC to discuss our Nutrition is for Everyone movement. We had meetings with all our State Representatives and State Senators offices that were well received and all support the success of this grant.

Once again, we have established a Facebook page, Nutrition is for Everyone AR, along with an Instagram account, @nutritionisforeveryonear. Please follow and like both accounts. This will allow NIFE in AR to further extend our reach in the community.

Share Our Strengths Cooking Matters No Kid Hungry The Jefferson Parish Cooking Matters class had their final class and graduation last night. There were a total of 14 grads. The Rapides Parish class and the Orleans Parish class finished up around Christmas. Here is some of the feedback from the post-course surveys for Jefferson participants:

  • "I have been more Conscious of including all food groups-And I've lost 5 pounds since the class started."
  • "[The class] was fantastic and has taught me to cut veggies in the right way."
  • "[The class] has helped me focus on healthy eating."
  • "Great friends, old and new! Good food, too!"

Oklahoma is putting the finishing touches on their Healthy Living presentations with Oklahoma Self-Advocate Network (OKSAN). The presentation was piloted to local OKSAN chapters with great success and increased interest from the community.

Click here  to view their first recipe to help individuals sneak more fruits and vegetables into their diet. Stay tuned for the completed cooking video of this recipe.

In partnership with the Oklahoma LEND program, Oklahoma has been able to distribute a Table of Vitamins and Nutrients Related to Texture (TVANT) to help individuals and families find nutrient-rich foods associated with texture to help include more variety of nutritious foods into a person's diet.

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The Tennessee PKU Ambassador continues to attend events to raise awareness of the goals and potential education available through Nutrition is for Everyone TN. She spoke at 2 different events in November and held an "apple sampling" using less common apple varieties found in the local grocery store: Jazz, Cripps Pink, and Braeburn. Both children and adults tried and rated taste. The ambassador had a chance to talk with many folks about taste/texture profile, such as tart or sweet, crisp or soft, and then potential uses for eating or baking. Simple suggestions, like a microwave baked apple, were given.

The Facebook page is up and running Nutrition Is for Everyone TN, and Thanksgiving was a great time to promote easy vegetable and fruit recipes for side dishes. Fun fruit and vegetable recipes will be posted for the upcoming holiday season, on Facebook, the Pinterest page and twitter. Networking with potential partnerships and for deputy ambassadors is ongoing, with initial curriculum developed.

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Resources to Share

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  Nutrition in Action

Let's Go! Releases new Toolkit for Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
5210 Let's Go!Let's Go! is a program of the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center in Portland Maine, nationally recognized for its childhood obesity prevention initiative. The program's goal is to increase physical activity and health eating for children from birth to 18 through policy and environmental change.

This new toolkit offers strategies and tools that will help child care providers, schools, community service providers and health care professionals effectively include children with I/DD in their obesity prevention efforts.

Let's Go! toolkit handouts are available at:
If you are interested in a training on promoting healthy habits with children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities please contact Let's Go! at: [email protected].

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 Nutrition and Beyond

The State of Transportation For People with IDD

This study, done by the Council on Quality and Leadership Logo examined Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waivers to determine if and how states provided transportation with IDD. The study found that the majority of HCBS waivers provided transportation for people with IDD. To read the full report, click here.

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