Ryan King Released from Guardianship

December 15, 2016

Sara Luterman, MFA
Communications Assistant
[email protected]

Website Link  http://bbi.syr.edu/news_events/news/2016/12/Freedom-Ryan-King.html

Ryan King
Ryan King

In a landmark victory, Ryan King, a man with a developmental disability, was freed from 15 years of unnecessary guardianship. AUCD celebrates with Mr. King on his new legal status. He now has the right to make his own decisions through supported decision-making. Through supported decision-making, people with disabilities work with family, friends and trusted professionals to help them understand the situations and choices they face so that they can make their own well-informed decisions.

"It feels good not to be under guardianship, because I have always made my own decisions," said Ryan King. "As a family, we are thrilled with the Court's decision," said Ryan's Mother, Susie King. "We hope that this is just the beginning of Supported Decision-Making being recognized in the District of Columbia and beyond."