the Housing Iowa Conference about the history of the landmark Supreme Court decision and the importance of housing in community integration. The session also featured Iowa's Money Follows the Person coordinator Brooke Lovelace and program participant

December 12, 2016

The Tarjan Center in partnership with the Center for Cerebral Palsy and David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is one of four sites working to transform healthcare for women with disabilities. The focus at UCLA is to improve access to reproductive health care and pregnancy experiences of women with cerebral palsy.

Dr. Katharine Hayward represented the interdisciplinary team from UCLA at the recent American Public Health Association meeting held in Denver, Colorado. Her presentation "Addressing Barriers to Accessing Reproductive Health Care for Women with Cerebral Palsy" on October 30, 2016 was attended by 30 public health professionals, individuals with disabilities, and family members of individuals with disabilities. The presentation highlighted preliminary findings from women with cerebral palsy about their pregnancy experience. For example, nearly two-thirds of the survey respondents had never been asked by a health care provider if they wanted to have a child.

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