Student "Draft IEP" Interactive Tool Enables Students in New York State to be More Active in their IEP Development (NY UCEDD/LEND)

December 12, 2016

Students who are engaged in their program planning are more successful in school and in later life. However, many students do not attend their IEP meetings, and of those who do, very few participate meaningfully. The IEP meeting is devoted to the individual student and it is therefore critical that students be heard and have a way to impact on the decisions made. Student participation is meaningful only if they understand the purpose and process. Preparation is important to assure full engagement.

Through collaboration with the Lower Hudson Regional Special Education Technical Assistance and Support Center, WIHD has worked with 30 school districts over the past three years to support student engagement and self-determination in IEP development and implementation through a student directed IEP process. WIHD has developed several resources aimed at promoting more active student and family involvement. The Student "Draft IEP" Interactive Tool was created by Naomi Brickel, Director of the Hudson Valley Special Education Parent Center at WIHD.

This tool helps students prepare information that is relevant to IEP development. It helps them develop their own "draft IEP" to be shared with the rest of the IEP team, a helpful resource to facilitate their participation in the discussion. The tool and additional information is available at: