UCEDD Tip Sheets


Tip Sheets are intended to provide guidance and share peer practices of specific aspects of UCEDD operations, grant management, and core grant application development. Tip sheets clarify requirements outlined in the DD Act, related federal regulations, and/or AIDD's Quality Review System processes as appropriate; and also share experiences and recommendations from network peers.

November 2018

May 2018

  • Carryover Requests and No-Cost Extensions

    This tip sheet will discuss guidance for requesting a carryover of funds into a subsequent budget year, as well as a non-competitive increase of time for the final budget period.
August 2016

  • UCEDD Grants Management: Needs Assessment for the UCEDD Core Grant
    The state/Territory needs assessment is a critical first step in preparing the UCEDD 5-year core grant application (also referred to as the strategic plan). This Tip Sheet provides information specific to planning and conducting the needs assessment, and using the resulting data to inform the core grant application.
February 2017