Enabling Community Participation in the Bronx (NY UCEDD/LEND)

October 10, 2016

RFK CERC Einstein/Montefoire UCEDD occupational and physical therapists, LEND trainees, children with developmental disabilities and their families happily joined together to visit epic sites in the Bronx. Tim Conly, OTR cultivated new partnerships with Yankee Stadium and Mosholu Golf Course this summer so that CERC families could tour the iconic baseball stadium and learn to play golf. Therapists and therapy LEND trainees created the optimal experience for participants: enhancing abilities and modifying the environment so each person obtained the maximal benefit during the visits. For many it was the first time to Yankee Stadium, participants were so grateful that one child presented a beautiful picture he made to our tour guide, Paul Ward, creating a lasting partnership. For all, this was the first time on the golf course; golf pros taught us to drive, putt and play a hole.

These experiences led to greater knowledge of what is available in the Bronx community and each person and family feeling comfortable enough to go back and play again!