WV UCEDD Diversity & Disability Fellow Tackles Stigma

September 26, 2016

Louma Sebaihi is a Diversity & Disability Fellow at the West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities (WVU CED). Louma's upbringing in the Arab/American culture led her to be interested in reaching out to that community to help reduce the stigma associated with disabilities. As a part of her capstone project, Louma presented two sessions (one in English and one in Arabic) at the Islamic Center of Morgantown on the "Learn the Signs, Act Early" initiative to introduce the participants to developmental milestones that children should be achieving.

Dr. Susannah Poe, WVU CED LEND Mentor and West Virginia's Act Early Ambassador, attended the presentation and was available to answer questions during and after the presentation. Promotional signage and participant materials were developed in both English and Arabic. Despite the stigma associated with disabilities in this community, the presentation was well attended and participants were interested and engaged asking very relevant questions.