Nutrition is for Everyone - September 2016

September 1, 2016


September 2016 | Vol. 1 Issue 1 

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 We will be sharing this newsletter on the first Wednesday of every month to observe 
 #WellnessWednesday and to share healthy eating and nutrition tips for people with disabilities.


 What is "Nutrition is for Everyone?"


Thanks to the Walmart Foundation, AUCD introduces the "Nutrition is for Everyone" program. The program's objective is to implement nutrition education interventions, including direct training for people with disability and community members across four states, which have the lowest consumption of fruits and vegetables for people with disabilities.

The four states, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, each have a local Nutrition Ambassador that will organize in-person leadership and educational events for people with disabilities, friends of people with disabilities, and family members of people with disabilities. Throughout the process, these Ambassadors will also identify up to five Deputy Nutrition Ambassadors across the state to aid in creating the events and bringing in individuals from around the state.

Through these training activities, four goals of the year-long program have been identified. There will be an increase in the amount of consumption of fruits and vegetables of each participant, as well as the number of meals prepared and consumed at home on a weekly basis. Due to these changed behaviors, the rate of obesity will decrease for people with disabilities.  Lastly, a network of nutrition advocates and educators will be created to increase the overall health of people with disabilities.

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  Welcome Ambassadors


Image of apple with a stamp of a nutrition label.








Four Nutrition Ambassadors were competitively selected to provide practical solutions to common barriers of proper nutrition including cost, access to fruits and vegetables, and basic knowledge of healthy foods. Ambassadors will develop a tailored work plan based on their specific state needs to help prioritize in-person nutrition education events and creative partnerships. Read more... 

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  "Nutrition is for Everyone" in the News


Image of a boy wearing a red cape flexing his muscles

Upon receipt of the grant, press releases were sent out to the four University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDDs) where the pilot programs will take place. The releases were also sent to communication departments within their main universities. Throughout the year, Nutrition Ambassadors will be expected to collect success stories of people with disabilities who have met the goals of the program. These stories will be shared in this newsletter, as well as highlighted on various AUCD social media channels.

To continue following the Nutrition Ambassadors' success, please follow @AUCDNews and @Phis4Everyone on Twitter. The hashtag for this project is #Nutrition4LL.

AUCD invites you to submit notable information and nutrition and disability resources. If you have any information you would like to share, please contact Public Health Program Manager, Jessica Minor, MPP at [email protected].

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  Partner in Coalition News


Nutrition Ambassadors and AUCD staff during orientation and training.

On August 16 and 17 the four Nutrition Ambassadors came to AUCD's national office in Silver Spring, MD for orientation and training. It was an informative and productive meeting that left everyone even more excited for this project.

 Nutrition Ambassadors and AUCD  staff during orientation and training.

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  Resources to Share


Nutrition Resources

  • CDC Chronic Disease State Policy Tracking System - this website contains thousands of policy information related to Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.  View the website

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  Nutrition in Action - Arkansas

As part of the Arkansas Minority Health Commission, Southern Ain't Fried Sundays is a program in in Arkansas to educate the African American communities on healthier alternatives to preparing their traditional Southern-style foods. Along with education communities, Southern Ain't Fried Sundays has a 21-day Meal replacement plan to help individuals transition to a healthier lifestyle. Visit for more information.

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  Nutrition and Beyond

Resolving Issues to Healthy Food Access in Little Rock, Arkansas

In 2012, people with disabilities were asked where they got their healthy foods. Their response was Walmart, however, while the Walmart was only a half a mile away from the apartment complex where most of these people lived, the only bus route available forced these individuals to first go downtown and then change buses to ride back to get to the Walmart. In total, this bus ride would take an hour and 45 minutes to get to the Walmart half a mile away. They met with the mayor and their City Council Woman who were able to not only change the bus route so that people living in the apartment complex had a direct route to get to Walmart, but they added safe sidewalks and curb cuts that increased the walkability to Walmart as well.

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Priced out in 2014 - Housing and Affordability

A 2014 study on housing affordability shows that non-elderly adults living with a disability and who are on SSI experience a housing affordability gap in all 50 states across the U.S.

Read the entire report.


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  Subscription and Submissions

You are receiving this message because you are subscribed to the AUCD Health and Disability listserv. This is a discussion list hosted by AUCD to facilitate communication on strategies to include people living with disabilities in nutrition efforts and to include nutrition in disability and health efforts. Members can email the list by replying to a message or sending a new message to the list's email: [email protected]

button to submit articles To submit content for this monthly nutrition resource, please contact Jessica Minor, MPP, Public Health Program Manager, at [email protected]. Nutrition resources and highlights with a short summary of 150-200 words, with photos and web links are encouraged! All submissions for the October newsletter are due by September 28. 

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