Vanderbilt University Dependents with Intellectual Challenges to Receive Tuition Benefit (UCEDD/LEND TN)

By Jan Read at Vanderbilt News

May 23, 2016

Photo by John Russell/Vanderbilt University.
Photo by John Russell/Vanderbilt University.

A Vanderbilt University sociology professor was looking for education options that her daughter, who has autism, could attend after high school, but suitable programs carried prohibitive price tags. Why, she wondered, couldn't she take advantage of Vanderbilt's popular benefit that helps pay college costs for the children of faculty and staff?

The professor raised the question with Vanderbilt administrators. Another professor and a staff member, both mothers of children with intellectual disabilities, joined her effort. The answer is a positive one. This fall, Vanderbilt University is expanding its dependent tuition assistance policy to include students with intellectual disabilities and will cover qualified comprehensive transition programs (CTPs), such as Vanderbilt's own Next Steps program.

The benefits change not only helps Vanderbilt recruit and retain the best faculty and staff possible, but it also speaks to Vanderbilt's commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

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