Maine: Interdisciplinary Disability Studies Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies at the University of Maine in Orono

June 18, 2007

The Prevention Center of Excellence (PCoE), a collaborative effort directed by Stephen Gilson, Ph.D., is devoted to advancing universally accessible prevention throughout Maine and beyond. The Center conducts research, policy analysis, teaching, and technical assistance to align inclusive substance abuse prevention with the state's larger public health agenda. The PCoE has also developed initiatives in obesity prevention, domestic violence prevention and tobacco cessation which reflect the principles of full access and inclusion espoused by the Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies.

Elizabeth DePoy, Ph.D. at the Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies collaborates with the Maine Title V office as the evaluator on the Healthy and Ready to Work National Center. This national project provides health related organization, information and technical assistance to national Healthy and Ready to Work projects, Title V state agencies, and other health and wellness efforts focusing on youth with disabilities and chronic health care conditions who are transitioning to adulthood.

The modular Long term care Project, directed and authored by Elizabeth DePoy, Ph.D. and Stephen Gilson, Ph.D., prepared and nationally disseminated universally accessible, multi-media interactive long term care educational modules.

Funded by the Office of Women's Health, Stephen Gilson, Ph.D, and Elizabeth DePoy, Ph.D. with Liz Cramer, Ph.D, co-authored a universally accessible domestic violence prevention social work education module on CD ROM entitled Domestic violence and women with disabilities, a curriculum training module for schools of social work.