Position Opening: Assistant Virtual Trainee

Application Deadline: 01/25/16

January 11, 2016

With AUCD member programs in every US state and territory, AUCD trainees exist all across the world, and more support is needed to ensure smooth communication and connections among them all. 

The 2016 Assistant Virtual Trainee (AVT) will assist the current Virtual Trainee (VT) as she works to build a virtual network among these trainees at AUCD member programs. The AVT will help plan activities for the trainee network, brainstorm new ideas to get trainees talking and collaborating, and carry out tasks specific to these efforts. The AVT will be mentored by the VT, learn more about the AUCD Network and national disability issues, and work on a national stage in a leadership position.

This individual works remotely from his/her home Center/Program during the remainder of the academic year to build and enhance a network among trainees at AUCD's UCEDD Centers and LEND Programs. Candidates must be a current Trainee Liaison, have existing knowledge of their Center or Program, and be interested in strengthening the network of AUCD trainees. The person selected works with the Virtual Trainee and AUCD National Office staff, via electronic means, to help support communications and information exchange among trainees throughout the network.


  • Assisting the Virtual Trainee with activities to strengthen the trainee network
  • Sharing information among trainees at their centers through avenues such as social media, listserves, websites, webinars, email, and newsletters
  • Attending the spring Disability Policy Seminar in Washington, DC and other opportunities as appropriate and if funding exists 
  • Generating new ideas for effective communication and connections across the network
  • Weekly planning and mentoring sessions with the Virtual Trainee
  • Taking meeting notes during Virtual Trainee and Trainee Liaison conference calls
  • Period of work: January 26, 2016 - June 30, 2016 (may be negotiable based on school year and tasks).

Compensation & Time

  • AUCD will support the Assistant Virtual Trainee to attend the Spring Disability Policy Seminar in Washington, D.C., and other relevant events, paying transportation, lodging, and registration costs dependant on funding 
  • Individual will gain significant experience learning about the AUCD network, as well as hands-on leadership skills and national exposure
  • This position is expected to take approximately 3 hours per week, not including event travel
  • A stipend of $500 will be paid upon completion of the work period. 


  • Be a current AUCD Trainee Liaison (at a LEND or UCEDD or DBP)
  • Work remotely from your home Center
  • Have a working knowledge of the AUCD network
  • Desire to increase communication and involvement among trainees in the AUCD network
  • Interest in national issues related to leadership and persons with disabilities
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Knowledge of virtual communication technologies and social networking
  • Ability to work independently with distance supervision with weekly availability during daytime business hours
  • The ideal individual will anticipate being a trainee next year, but it is not required


Applications are due on January 25th, 2016.

Interested candidates should submit their applications by visiting the application webpage, creating an account, and submitting the following:

  • Your brief resume or vita (no more than 2 pages)
  • A letter of interest stating why you want to serve as the Assistant Virtual Trainee
  • A statement of support from your Director

Applicants must submit electronically; email or other applications will not be considered.


Please contact Crystal Pariseau at AUCD with questions.


This is an exciting opportunity for a current trainee liaison with experience to increase his/her knowledge of the national network learn more about national level activities and initiatives, and be mentored by the virtual trainee. It is also an opportunity to increase and expand your leadership skills within the AUCD network.

Directors and Faculty are urged to encourage current trainees who are trainee liaisons to apply for this opportunity, and to allow the selected trainee to use this internship as his/her leadership activity for the coming year.

AUCD is an equal opportunity employer.
Persons from diverse cultures and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.