2016 New UCEDD Director's Orientation Resources

December 22, 2015

New UCEDD Director's Orientation Resources

ACL & AIDD Priorities, Initiatives, & Partners

Overview & discussion of the DD Act, and DD Network Collaboration

Closer Examination of UCEDD Program Expectations; Building Capacity

Grants Managaement

Communications within ACL, University, and Community

Framework for Monitoring and Reporting (PPR & QRS)

Challenges and Opportunities Facing the UCEDD Network

AUCD Strategic Map & Board Priorities

Transitioning into UCEDD Leadership

TA Contract Tasks

  • Project Advisory Committee (PAC) of UCEDD network members, 2x annual meeting
  • UCEDD TA Needs Assessment
  • Individualized TA
  • Information Dissemination: Announcements, Resources,Funding Opps, AUCD360, listservs
  • Promising Practices
  • Rapid Response
  • Network Directory
  • UCEDD TA Institute
  • New UCEDD Director Orientation
  • New Data Coordinator Orientation
  • Targeted Technical Assistance (topics identified in collaboration with PAC, AIDD)
    • Current priority is Diversity
  • Addressing emerging trends
    • Currently a workgroup on educating hospice & other healthcare providers on decisionmaking for/with PWD
  • Maintain and upgrade NIRS
  • Provide TA on NIRS and PPR
  • Special projects
  • Facilitate collaboration across DD Network
  • Support partnerships with federal agencies and national and international organizations to further engage UCEDDs in national and international initiatives
  • UCEDD Leadership Institute


TA Highights


LEND TA team

Public Health Team


Policy Team