Event Materials: UCEDD TA Specific Events at AUCD 2015

December 21, 2015

Event materials from UCEDD TA activities at AUCD2015 are available on this page

  • NIRS DATA Coordinators Meeting
    The 2015 meeting covered topics of interest to all programs that use NIRS. Reporting requirements and NIRS data entry questions were organized to separately address matters of interest to UCEDD and LEND Data Coordinators.
  • Poster: Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint
    This poster highlights the Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint developed by AUCD for the UCEDD and LEND networks. The Blueprint provides 14 objectives and related implementable strategies in support of increasing diversity, inclusion, and cultural and linguistic competence in personnel, training, service, and research.
  • UCEDD Coffee with AIDD
    AIDD staff provided updates on current and upcoming initiatives, and responded to questions.
  • UCEDD 5-Year Application Planning Meeting
    UCEDDs writing their core grant application in the coming year were invited to meet with their AIDD Project Officer to review application guidelines and helpful hints.

View all AUCD2015 event materials on the conference agenda page.