Multicultural Council Minutes

May 16, 2007


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Notes from AUCD MCC
May 16, 2007

Present: Tokesha Warner (TN), Mat McCollough (AUCD), Jean P. Snoddy (CO), Maria Blanco (LA), Paula Sotnik (MA), Stephen Gilson (ME), Kimberly Walker-Norton (OR)

  1. Diversity Survey - Survey launched May 8, 2007 due June 8, 2007. Sent out to all Center Directors. Matt will resend to MCC membership. Some individuals will follow-up with their Director's for the status of completion of the MCC survey for their Center. Tokesha will send a reminder to the Center Directors' concerning completion of the MCC Survey (week of May 21). Mat received a number of calls and emails about the accessibility of the survey software. Accessibility needs to be fundamental in all aspects of the organization, otherwise we lose moral and ethical ground with network members and external organizations. (to do otherwise is discrimination). Boston and Chicago UCEDDs have developed their own survey programs. Steven mentioned the website Enter the url and the site will provide you with information about what is inaccessible on that particular site.
  2. Posting Survey Results - Mat posed questions related to posting each Center's results on the AUCD website or collectively posting data from survey. Majority on call was not in favor of posting individual Center's survey results. Some Centers may view results as an indictment or negative rather than an opportunity for improvement. Suggestion made to develop a platform of some type whether it's on the AUCD website to showcase "Best Practices" or innovative things Center's are doing to increase Diversity and Retention. MCC would like to assemble the survey results and information into an Annual Meeting workshop session and a poster session as well. Kimberly volunteered her program to analyze the data.
  3. Develop proposal for presentation at the Annual Meeting - Tokesha asked for volunteers to assist in preparing a proposal for presenting at the Annual Meeting in November. Jean Snoddy and Paula Sotnik volunteered to assist Tokesha in developing a presentation to present the survey results at the annual AUCD Meeting in November. Board and Poster session for annual meeting. AUCD RFP deadline for submissions to present at the Annual Meeting is June 22nd. Tokesha will submit the abstract for consideration for presentation at the Annual Meeting. AUCD Annual Meeting (Nov 10 - 14, 2007) - Topic: "Tomorrow is Here Today: The Interrelationship of Research, Education, Service and Policy"
  4. Nominations for Vice-Chair and Secretary - Tokesha announced that MCC is taking nominations for Vice-Chair and Secretary for next year. Mat and Tokesha are working on a format to include this data on our website and allow voting via the website. Mat will send out nomination information to network.
  5. Nominations for MCC Award for Leadership in Diversity - Mat and Tokesha are working on a format to include this data on our website and allow nominations to be submitted online.
  6. Involving Trainees in the Council - Ideas were solicited to create strategies for increase of trainee involvement with the MCC. Discussion ensued as to how to make the presence of the MCC known. Suggestions were in Trainee orientation, as part of introduction to AUCD. Tokesha is requesting people to get ideas to her.
  7. Miscellanous Discussion
  • Inaccessibility of SurveyMonkey. Some Centers refuse to utilize this survey tool. To check on accessibility of a survey site go to:
  • Definition of Diversity was briefly discussed. Thoughts were expressed that each State is different and represent various expressions of diversity so how can they be compared when measuring diversity at Centers. Discussion was tabled until next MCC meeting as Tokesha plans to add to the agenda.