Nebraska LEND (University of Nebraska Medical Center)


pdf File "Speaker Discusses Cultural Competency" - UNMC Newsroom Article (July 2015) (102KB) [download]

Project Summary:

Develop the role and capacity of a current trainee to serve as its new Cultural Diversity Coordinator, and engage an outside consultant for an intensive, multi-day process that will result in an action plan to improve cultural awareness and inclusive recruitment practices within clinical disciplines.

Objectives Accomplished:

  • Held three conference calls and a site visit in which a hired consultant provided technical assistance on the development of a training plan for the Cultural Diversity Coordinator, who is now being mentored by the university's Diversity Director and also completed several training webinars offered through the consultant's center
  • Analyzed summary data from the institute's Diversity Engagement Survey and input from a graduating trainee focus group; identified three activities for the LEND Cultural Diversity Coordinator to address in her first year:
  1. Identify experts to present about the implications of diverse cultures on leadership competencies
  2. Identify diverse community agencies and programs where trainees can complete their community learning and leadership projects
  3. Participate in the LEND interdisciplinary clinic to provide the perspective of minority families and identify other families to participate in the clinic as well
  • The hired consulted presented at a campus-wide Grand Rounds that was attended by 57 people, including representatives from Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Allied Health, and more

Primary Contacts:

Cynthia Ellis | c[email protected]

Kellie Ellerbusch | [email protected]