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Project Summary:

Implement a series of recruitment and support endeavors to increase the participation of family members of individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities; engage current and former Family Mentors as part of this process and identifying leadership opportunities that will assist in preparing Family Trainees for future leadership roles.

Objectives Accomplished:

  • Used survey input to identify barriers to family participation in LEND activities
  • Held a one-day "Seed Meeting" of former, current, and future Family Trainees to discuss, prioritize, and suggest options for supports that families need to increase their participation as Trainee and Mentors
  • Faculty analyzed and discussed "Seed Meeting" findings and developed a set of recommendations, including:

  1. Eliminate the need for a degree
  2. Offer adequate stipends
  3. Create alternative formats for coursework and training
  • Developed and began implementing a new family recruitment strategy, beginning with their 2015-2016 cohort
  • Created a fact sheet with roles and responsibilities of Family Faculty members


For a summary of longterm project outcomes, see the above attached 2018 AUCD Conference Poster. 

Primary Contact:

Beth Bader | [email protected]