Colorado LEND / DBP (University of Colorado School of Medicine)


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Project Summary:

Improve upon its existing telehealth delivery service in an effort to increase the confidence and competence of primary care physicians in managing the care of individuals with autism and related disabilities, creating training opportunities for fellows in both rural consultation and interdisciplinary technical assistance.

Objectives Accomplished:

  • Actively engaged a parent leader from rural Colorado in building awareness and strengthening connections with community-based practitioners
  • Traveled to community-based practices to meet primary care physicians (PCPs), hear about their needs / priorities with regard to DBP support, and share ideas about how telehealth services could be used to try to meet those needs
  • Modified the program’s existing telehealth initiative in light of information gathered on practice visits
  • Provided incentives to PCPs for participating in the practice visits, attending telehealth services, and completing session evaluations
  • Promoted growth for DBP / LEND faculty and trainees through reflective activities, seminars, and discussion groups focused on collaborative problem-solving, cultural competence, and community engagement

Primary Contact:

Sandra Friedman | [email protected]