2015 George S. Jesien Distinguished Achievement Award

Harold Kleinert, EdD

November 17, 2015

Accepting the award
Accepting the award

The Distinguished Achievement Award recognizes a network member who has demonstrated a distinguished career of excellence and leadership in support of AUCD's mission to advance policy and practice for and with people living with developmental and other disabilities, their families and communities. This award was renamed after one of AUCD's past-Executive Directors, George S. Jesien, PhD.

Harold Kleinert, EdD

Human Development Institute
University of Kentucky

For Your Leadership and Service
and Your Dedication to People with Disabilities and Their Families

"Harold retired from his position as Executive Director of HDI in June, 2015, after more than 45 years of dedicated commitment to the field of developmental disabilities. His accomplishments truly exemplify the tenets of this award through his research, education, and dedicated service to children and adults with disabilities, their families, the professionals who support them, and the systems that he has helped to improve. So many of his colleagues have expressed that he ‘walks the talk.' His strong spoken and written advocacy has been consistent with his lived advocacy. Harold has inspired, motivated, and empowered HDI staff to make its vision happen as well as colleagues around the state and nation. He focuses on people first, not projects. He sees the strength in all of us and our ability to contribute, connect, and make a difference in a vision much bigger than us. Harold has inspired the next generation of leaders who will continue to carry his work and be the agents of change he knows they can be."


George, Karen, Harold, Olivia, Andy
Former AUCD Executive Director George Jesien,
AUCD President-Elect Karen Edwards, 
Award Recipient Harold Kleinert, 
AUCD President Olivia Raynor, 
AUCD Executive Director Andy Imparato