Research to Policy Advocacy Leadership Training Grant (VA UCEDD/LEND)

October 19, 2015

The Department of Special Education and Disability Policy at Virginia Commonwealth University has been awarded a five year Leadership Grant that will provide funding for 10 doctoral students who are interested in becoming University Faculty in special education with experience in disability policy. This doctoral training program will address the need for knowledgeable faculty in the area of disability policy from three perspectives:

  • Scholars with experience in disability policy work at the national and/or state levels who need to develop skills in teaching, research, and state or local community-engaged service;
  • Scholars with experience as practitioners at the state or local school level who need to develop knowledge and skills in the development of relevant national legislation and regulatory promulgation; and
  • All scholars who need to understand the implication of national and state policies on the education of children and youth in high-need urban settings.

Funding for five full-time and five part-time students to include:

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Stipend (full-time students)
  • Technology
  • Travel


Opportunities begin for part-time students in Spring 2016 and for full-time students in Fall 2016. Apply no later than November 15, 2015.

If you are interested in learning more about this or other programs, please contact the department of Special Education & Disability Policy: (804) 828-1332 or




We're a department that's combining research, teaching and service to bring our students real-world learning. We're working together with faculty, students, university colleagues and community partners to generate knowledge, investigate effective strategies, disseminate evidence-based practices, advocate for those we serve and promote exemplary programs. In turn, we're shaping the future of the field of special education and disability policy. VCU's strong tradition of community engagement is central to the department's collaborative programs and affiliated centers. Research and teaching are based on collaboration with local school districts, community and state agencies, national technical assistance centers and policymakers. Two affiliated centers - the Partnership for People with Disabilities and the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center - provide significant service via local, state, national and international research, technical assistance, personnel development and advocacy.



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