Emergency Preparedness for People with Access and Functional Needs, Including Disabilities (UCONN UCEDD)

September 14, 2015

The UCONN Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities has developed a curriculum on emergency preparedness through a grant from the Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities.

The goal of the project was to assist municipalities in creating/updating their town's emergency preparedness plan so that needs of citizens with developmental disabilities are addressed and to assist people with developmental disabilities in creating their own emergency plans. A unique flipbook titled "Prep is Personal, Find the Fridge", was created because the fridge is the most common item in a person's home that everyone can identify. This flipbook includes tips for emergency personnel: supporting people with unique access or functional needs (including disabilities) was created to familiarize a broad range of constituencies with this booklet on emergency management and impact on people with disabilities. Also a training manual, training curriculum and a train-the-trainer video is currently being piloted throughout the state.

For a copy of the "Prep is Personal, Find the Fridge" flipbook please visit: www.uconnucedd.org