Family Competencies

January 1, 2014


pdf File competencies2006.pdf (366KB) [download]


Family members have varied educational backgrounds and different life experiences. Requirements for LEND trainees vary by program. A common feature of all LENDs however is that the trainees are university students, typically at the graduate or undergraduate level. Some portions of the LEND curriculum are individualized to support the individual differences in trainees. Family members recruited to be LEND trainees may have little or no university experience. How the lack of university experience influences the level of supports needed by different types of family trainees should be explored by each LEND and program adaptations identified to accommodate the specific needs of family trainees. In order to incorporate the richness of these family backgrounds and standardize the learning experiences of LEND trainees across the network, a standard set of competencies and curriculum guidelines has been developed specific to Family as a discipline, to be taught together with those core competencies common to all LEND trainees.


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