Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation 2008 Professional and Parent Public Policy Fellowships

May 15, 2007


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The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation is seeking outstanding professionals working in the field of inclusive services and supports for people with mental retardation, intellectual and developmental disabilities and parents or close family members of a person with mental retardation, intellectual and developmental disabilities for an intensive one-year Public Policy Fellowship in Washington, D.C.

During this year-long Fellowship, the successful applicant will learn how legislation is initiated, developed, and passed by the Congress, or how programs are administered and regulations promulgated by federal agencies. Fellows will also participate in an advocacy training workshop, national disability policy seminars and the intensive week-long Bioethics course at Georgetown University's Kennedy Institute of Ethics. Former Public Policy Fellows describe the Fellowship as a major turning point in their lives, not just careers.

The coming year offers exciting opportunities to contribute to policy and program or legislative development in key areas such as special education, health and mental health care for persons with mental retardation, child care, housing, justice, child welfare and other areas related to improving the quality of life for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Seeking professionals, parents, and other family members with outstanding experience in:

  • State or national level advocacy for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families;
  • vocational rehabilitation, education, child care, child welfare, law, employment, community organizing, housing or development of inclusive community supports and services;
  • health or mental health care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; or
  • development of family training or family support services.

Application deadline: September 14, 2007. Anticipated start date: January 2008.

Visit The Kennedy Foundation wesite for more information.