Autism NOW Employer Toolkit

April 21, 2015

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Autism NOW created a toolkit and designed it for employers to hire, train, and retain employees with an ASD as well as other disabilities.  It is written from the perspective of the individual on the autism spectrum about what employers need to know and things the employer can do to learn more about ASD. It includes tips, tricks, and personal stories from individuals on the spectrum about their challenges in the workplace and what they want employers to know. It is full of information for employers and has lots of resources as well. It is basically the do's and don'ts when hiring an employee with an ASD. It is called "Talent Scout: Unlocking the Talents of Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder."

The employment team here at The Arc of The U.S. and Autism Now will be selling this unique toolkit on-line; there will be two ways to purchase it either digitally or by hard copy. It will be available in mid-April at and a link will added at For more information, contact Amy Goodman at[email protected][email protected], or call 202-600-3489.