New Report Outlines Opportunities, Challenges for LEND and DBP Programs

April 7, 2015


pdf File 2015 Strategic Thinking Report: LEND and DBP Programs (1,000KB) [download]

As the next five-year funding cycle for the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) programs approaches, AUCD took the opportunity to pause and engage in strategic thinking about future directions for the LEND and Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics (DBP) training programs.

With the assistance of an expert facilitator, AUCD interviewed more than 20 stakeholders - family faculty members, former Virtual Trainees, MCHB project officers and directors, self-advocates, and organizational partners.  These individuals shared their impressions of the healthcare environment, how it's changing, and how MCH training programs can continue to make a positive impact on the quality of care and support that children with special health care needs receive.  And at their January meeting, LEND and DBP directors engaged in thoughtful discussion around the themes that came out of these interviews.  They offered their thoughts on what programs should do, how AUCD and MCHB can help programs respond to the opportunities and challenges ahead, and what additional supports programs need to be successful.

This activity generated 100 recommendations and culminated in a report that identifies and elaborates upon five strategic directions:

1)      Expand training pipelines for LEND and DBP programs

2)      Create models of training and clinical care that are accessible and can be sustained

3)      Create new opportunities for trainees to learn and apply principles of MCH leadership training

4)      Increase collaboration with Title V and non-MCH partners

5)      Advance policies and practices important to LEND and DBP programs, individuals with disabilities and their families, and the professionals who serve them

The report also includes a complete list of recommendations from program directors and other MCH stakeholders that participated in the strategic thinking process.  Click here to download the full (.pdf) report.  For more information, please contact Ben Kaufman, Program Manager, MCH Technical Assistance, at [email protected] or (240)821-9461.