There is still time to apply! Call for Applications - 2015-2016 Virtual Trainee

Applications Due May 29, 2015

May 22, 2015


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What is the AUCD Virtual Trainee?

With AUCD member programs in every US state and territory as well as internationally, our trainees exist all across the world. The AUCD Virtual Trainee works to build a virtual network among these trainees at AUCD member programs.

The Virtual Trainee works remotely from his/her home Center/Program for one academic year to build and enhance a network among trainees at AUCD's UCEDD Centers and LEND Programs. The ideal candidate will be a second-year trainee in the 2015-2016 year, have previously acquired knowledge of their Center or Program, and be interested in learning about the entire network of centers as well as national issues related to persons with disabilities and special health care needs. The Virtual Trainee works with AUCD National Office staff, via electronic means, to build communications and information exchange among trainees throughout the network.

Duties of the Virtual Trainee include:

  • Utilizing avenues such as Facebook, listserves, websites, blogs, webinars, email, Twitter and newsletters to generate communication among trainees
  • Assisting with trainee portions of AUCD face-to-face meetings; co-organizing formal and informal trainee activities at AUCD conferences
  • Attending the fall AUCD Conference and the spring Disability Policy Seminar in Washington, DC (expenses covered by AUCD)
  • Working with AUCD leaders at Board, Directors and Council meetings
  • Serving as an MCHB Trainee Ambassador
  • Generating new ideas for effective communication and connections among the network
  • Working with Trainee Liaisons (trainee representatives from Centers) to enhance the communication and networking of trainees
  • Spending approximately 4-5 hours per week on Virtual Trainee Tasks

AUCD National Office staff will work with the Virtual Trainee providing support and suggestions. AUCD will also support the Virtual Trainee to attend the Fall AUCD Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. and the Spring Disability Policy Seminar in Washington, D.C., paying transportation, lodging, meals and registration costs. The Virtual Trainee will receive a $1000 stipend per semester from AUCD, with an option to extend through the summer. This position is expected to take approximately 4 hours per week.

Learn More and Apply

  • Read the duties and qualifications of the Virtual Trainee and learn more about the application process here.
  • Access the online application site here.

Applications are due via the online application system on May 29th. 

Questions? Contact Shannon Haworth.