2015 New UCEDD Director's Orientation Resources

March 10, 2015

New UCEDD Director's Orientation Resources

DD Act and Network Collaboration

  • DD Act and related legislation and reports

Closer Examination of UCEDD Program Expectations

Grants Management

ACL Communications

Framework for Reporting and Monitoring

AIDD Priorities, Initiatives, and Partners

AUCD Strategic Plan

Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities Facing the UCEDD Network

AUCD Overview

  • General
  • LEND TA team
  • Public Health Team
  • PROMISE Team
  • Policy Team

UCEDD Training and Technical Assistance

TA contract tasks

  • Project Advisory Committee (PAC) of UCEDD network members, 2x annual meeting
  • UCEDD TA Needs Assessment
  • Individualized TA
  • Information Dissemination: Announcements, Resources, Funding Opps, AUCDigest, listservs
  • Promising Practices
  • Rapid Response
  • Network Directory
  • UCEDD TA Institute
  • New UCEDD Director Orientation
  • New Data Coordinator Orientation
  • Targeted Technical Assistance (topics identified in collaboration with PAC, AIDD)
  • Current priority is Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint
  • Maintain and upgrade NIRS
  • Provide TA on NIRS and PPR
  • Special projects
  • Facilitate collaboration across DD Network
  • Support partnerships with federal agencies and national and international organizations to further engage UCEDDs in national and international initiatives
  • UCEDD Leadership Institute


TA Highlights