January is Social Media Month for Trainee Liaisons

January 15, 2015

Trainee Liaisons will be exploring how social media can benefit their program. Programs may use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or other social media platforms.

Each TL will be asked to meet two easy goals for January:

1. Their focus can be on ANY kind of social media
2. They find a way to tie it back to AUCD

A few ideas...many more to come!
- Find out what social media accounts your program uses
- Post to the program's Facebook or Twitter account
- Send an interesting article about your Center or program to the Virtual Trainee email
- Browse the internet for infographs about disability
- Follow other local disability organizations on social media
- Search for disability advocacy blogs
- Write a your own blog post for AUCD's Early Career Professional's website
- Volunteer to post on social media at an upcoming program or local disability event
- Work with your Director to start up a new social media outlet for your Center or program


Virtual Trainee's Social Media Month Projects

At AUCD, Laurel is creating a guide on how to tutorial on using social media when representing an organization/business and for policy/advocacy. Also, she will send out a "LinkedIn Easy Start" guide for people who want to open up the conversation with their Director about having a LinkedIn page or alumni group.

At the Nisonger Center, Laurel is helping set up a LinkedIn group for Nisonger LEND Trainee Alumni. We think it's a great way to keep in contact (for those follow up surveys!) and introduce new trainees to their professional network. Any Trainee Liaison who is interested in a similar project- let her know!


Virtual Trainee Yearly Project: Professional Life after Graduation

Students can have a of questions about how to appropriately use social media while they are on the job search...stay tuned for more information!

Each month there will be a new theme for Trainee Liaisons.