Connecticut UCEDD Advocates Campaign for Closure of State Institutions

January 1, 2015

The Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities (DDC), in partnership with the ARC Connecticut and the University of Connecticut Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (CT UCEDD) launched a long overdue campaign: 2020: Close the DDS (CT Department of Developmental Services) Institutions.

Connecticut continues to maintain 6 segregated, state-run institutions, where over 500 individuals with intellectual disabilities reside. According to advocates, the cost of caring for the 937 individuals in the 5 regional centers and the Southbury Training School cost the state $343.86 million per year. The same services offered in private sectors cost between $88,000 and $150,000 a person per year.

It is believed that by closing these outdated institutions, state funds would be freed up to support many more people with disabilities in Connecticut. The CT DDC, the ARC, and the CT UCEDD called on the Governor, legislators and the public to work to achieve this goal.