Sixby15 Campaign Early Childhood Initiatives

December 18, 2014

Members of the AUCD network believe that early childhood intervention, and developmental screening is a priority for children. We hope that by the end of 2015, six states will have increased their current rate of developmental screening for children birth to three by 15 percent, and at least six states commit to improving cross-system information exchange that supports access to services for children identified by screening.

AUCD continues to support the Sixby15 campaign along with 5 other founding partners. The Early Childhood initiatives have now been officially endorsed by 153 state and national organizations.

Visit the Sixby15 campaign website to learn about how AUCD and its partners are moving forward on Early Childhood and other goals, endorse the campaign, and share what your state or program is doing.

About the Campaign
Senator Harkin officially announced the start of the "Sixby15" campaign - an national effort to work on six national goals by the end of 2015, the year that marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and 40th anniversary of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The campaign builds on Senator Harkin's goal to have 6 million working-age adults with disabilities participating in the workforce by 2015 and adds goals on community living, education, transition, healthy living, and early childhood.