NIBIB Research Supplements to Promote Clinical Resident Research Experiences

Submission Date: October 17, 2007

Application Deadlines: June 13, 2007; October 17, 2007; February 13, 2008; June 13, 2008; October 15, 2008; February 13, 2009; June 15, 2009

The intent of this Program Announcement is to provide a 1-2 year period of research experience for physicians in a residency program through supplements (revisions) to existing National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) grant awards. The program targets applicants who have demonstrated the potential for productive research in an area of interest to the candidate and of relevance to the mission of the NIBIB.

Supplements to Currently Active NIBIB P01, P41, P50, U01, U54 Grants.

Revisions to Currently Active NIBIB R01 and R37 Grants.