Baby Buffer Positive Parenting Resource

October 20, 2014

The Kansas Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics has developed the Baby Buffer ® program bringing together the newest science in the biological, developmental and social sciences, to teach parents specific strategies to help them become a supportive, consistent and reliable parent.

Baby Buffer ® includes a website, and weekly age-specific emails that include easy-to-understand information on early brain development and positive parenting.  Baby Buffer ® encourages caregivers to build a positive and consistent relationship with their baby from the start and includes the brain science behind why it is important. 

We know that when children live in an environment without appropriate, positive parent/adult protection from stress, a child's health is harmed, putting the child at greater risk for medical and behavioral problems throughout childhood and adulthood.  Baby Buffer ® encourages a positive relationship between parent and child so the parent can buffer a child's stress when it occurs, protecting the brain from the harmful effects of toxic stress.

Learn more about Baby Buffer at or contact Mel Hudelson at [email protected]