Early Access: Building Screening Capacity in Oklahoma

October 20, 2014

The Oklahoma Early Access Autism Project was initiated in 2010 with the goal of increasing capacity for early identification of ASD across Oklahoma and improving access to needed services, especially for populations who may not have access to traditional services. Early Access has developed a screening model which utilizes high-quality screening tools and connects families to resources. Early Access trains community service providers to implement this ASD screening model in their own communities and service areas. 

To date, Early Access has trained 20 screening teams at agencies and organizations throughout the state, including Head Starts, county health departments, and tribal service providers.  Early Access provides screening instruments, technical assistance, and statewide promotion for this network of Community Screening Partners. Early Access has also worked closely with and received support from the Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council, the Act Early State Systems Grant program and the Oklahoma Family Network. Through these partnerships, screening services have been expanded and resources for families have been strengthened across our state.  More children who are at risk for ASD and other delays are now being identified and their families are receiving the information and support necessary to access critical early intervention services for their children.