Maternal and Child Health Library History Collection Updated

August 11, 2014

The Maternal and Child Health Library at Georgetown University has updated its History Collection with new items to increase access to important historical resources.  We appreciate your sharing this information among your membership, staff, and grantees.

These resources include:

  •  An index to its William McConway Hiscock Collection on Medicaid's Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) Program, a unique collection of reports and studies about the early years of this important federal program.  EPSDT provides free physical screenings, immunizations, laboratory testing, and health education, improving the odds that children from low-income communities will grow up to be healthy adults by receiving access to regular care. Medicaid and EPSDT, along with Medicare, were established July 30, 1965, providing essential health insurance to millions of children, pregnant women, and adults.
  • Reports from the U.S. Children's Bureau statistical series on child welfare, maternal and child health and crippled children's programs, juvenile courts, infant and childhood mortality, dated 1947-1971.
  • Historical MCH posters from events and public education campaigns.
  • New titles on newborn screening, getting to know Title V (for families), and caring for infants from 1935 to the present.

Please visit <> to read these and other resources. Contributions to the library are also welcome.

This resource is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration's Maternal and Child Health Bureau.