Mechanism for Time-Sensitive Research Opportunities

Submission Date: December 20, 2007

Application Deadlines: July 20, 2007, August 20, 2007, September 20, 2007, October 19, 2007, November 20, 2007, December 20, 2007.

The total project period for an application submitted in response to this funding opportunity may not exceed two years. Direct costs are limited to $275,000 over an R21 two-year period, with no more than $200,000 in direct costs allowed in any single year.

This Funding Opportunity Announcement is intended to support substance abuse services research or hazard exposure - related research in rapidly evolving areas (e.g., changes in service systems, health care financing, policy, etc) where opportunities for empirical study are, by their very natures, only available through expedited award of support.

For complete details, visit the Mechanism for Time-Sensitive Research Opportunities webpage.