Innovations in Biomedical Computational Science and Technology

Submission Date: May 24, 2007

Application Deadlines: May 24, 2007; September 24, 2007; January 24, 2008; May 24, 2008; September 24, 2008, January 24, 2009
It is anticipated that the size and duration of each award will vary.

The NIH is interested in promoting research and developments in computational science and technology that will support rapid progress in areas of scientific opportunity in biomedical research. As defined here, biomedical computing or biomedical information science and technology includes database design, graphical interfaces, querying approaches, data retrieval, data visualization and manipulation, data integration through the development of integrated analytical tools, and tools for electronic collaboration, as well as computational and mathematical research including the development of structural, functional, integrative, and analytical models and simulations.

For complete details, visit the Innovations in Biomedical Computational Science and Technology webpage.