Exploratory Studies of Smoking Cessation Interventions for People with Schizophrenia (R33)

Submission Date: August 17, 2014

Award Ceiling: TBD

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to provide support for grant applications of two major types. Type I will conduct exploratory testing of novel, targeted treatments for smoking cessation for individuals with schizophrenia. Type II will conduct exploratory testing of targeted implementation strategies of existing efficacious treatments at the service-delivery system level. Smokers with schizophrenia who have co-occurring alcohol and/or substance abuse disorders are also a population of interest. Under this FOA, trials should be designed so that results, whether positive or negative, will provide information of high scientific utility and will support decisions about further development or testing of interventions or implementation strategies. Studies of novel interventions include, but are not limited to behavioral, pharmacological, biologics-based, cognitive, device-based, interpersonal, physiological, or combined approaches. The R33 funding mechanism provides support for up to 3 years, for either application type.

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