2013 IACC Summary of Advances in Autism Spectrum Disorder Research Now Available

April 21, 2014

Website Link  http://iacc.hhs.gov/news/press_releases/2014/pr_2013_summary_of_advances.shtml

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The Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) has released its top twenty picks for the most significant studies in autism research in 2013. Published in the 2013 IACC Summary of Advances, these studies include major advances in understanding the complex causes of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), prevalence and identification of ASD in diverse communities, novel methods for early detection and intervention, and the impact of different services approaches on outcomes for individuals with autism and their families. The Summary's release during National Autism Awareness Month underscores the need for continued investment in high quality research to help meet the needs of the autism community.

"The IACC selected these 20 studies as the most informative and transformative advances of the last year. They offer the possibility of directly improving the lives of those with ASD, and significantly furthering our understanding of autism," said IACC Chair Dr. Thomas Insel. Given the accelerated pace of discovery in the field of autism, these 20 studies represent only a small fraction of over 2,000 published findings in 2013, which address all seven objectives of the IACC Strategic Plan for Autism Spectrum Disorder Research. In addition to the 20 selected studies, the 2013 Summary includes a list of all 94 papers nominated by IACC members.