Enhancing the Effectiveness of Consumer Advisory Committees (CACs)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
3:30pmEST - 4:30pmEST
Location: Webinar

Webinar Description:

The DD Act requires UCEDDs to establish CACs. The DD Act specifies that the CAC should meet at least twice a year, the majority of members should be individuals with developmental and related disabilities and family members, include representation from particular agencies, and reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the state. In addition, the significant roles of the CAC to advise and guide the work of the UCEDD, and to serve as an informal bridge between the community and the UCEDD are made clear. However, UCEDDs continue to explore different approaches for enhancing meaningful participation of their CACs. Some states report a disconnect between the efforts of the CAC and the work of the UCEDD. This webinar provides an opportunity for UCEDDs and CAC members to share some innovative practices and strategies that have been found useful in enhancing the effectiveness of CACs.  

This webinar was initiated by the UCEDD Leadership Institute Alumni.

  • Shannon Caldwell, COLA, Lexington, KY 
  • Tanisha Clarke, AUCD, Silver Spring, MD 
  • Harold Kleinert, Human Development Institute UCEDD, Lexington, KY
  • John Maltby, Westchester Institute for Human Development UCEDD, Valhalla, NY 
  • Dawn Olson, COLA, Minot, ND 
  • Amy Sharp, Center on Disability and Development UCEDD, College Station, TX 
  • Ann Marie White, Institute on Disabilities UCEDD, Philadelphia, PA


AUCD Resources Referenced on Webinar

To view the resources referenced on the webinar, visit the UCEDD Resource Center's Inclusive Practices page.

An additional resource that was not mentioned on the webinar is the UCEDD Program Operations and Practices Checklist for the CAC.


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Let's Continue to Share Additional Strategies

Throughout the webinar, the floor was opened up to UCEDDs for discussion and to share ideas and other strategies they found effective.

This form was developed to continue the open sharing forum. Please take a moment to share with the network strategies that you find effective working with your CACs. Responses can be shared in one or all of the 7 categories provided. If you have links to resources, there is an option to share those as well.

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