24th Annual Chronic Illness and Disability Conference: Transition from Pediatric to Adult-Based Care

Thursday, October 26, 2023
Location: Houston, TX

Because of increased awareness of transitioning to adult-based care, clinicians are required to update their knowledge of the changing strategies for integrating emerging adult-based care into practice. For all conference participants, there will be a discussion of the legal issues involved in healthcare transition, as well as time to meet and talk with faculty in small groups, exchange ideas among participants, and share knowledge and information about how best to plan for a successful transition to adulthood.

LEND and Learn October Session - West Virginia University Disability Badge Program

Monday, October 23, 2023
Location: Zoom

ITAC's new LEND and Learn Monthly TA Series is an opportunity for LEND leadership and faculty to gather once a month to discuss priority TA topics and to learn from each other! A different LEND program will lead each session, including a 15-minute presentation and a 45-minute discussion. Please note that this is not a webinar series. Instead, it is designed to be an informal opportunity for LENDs to connect on topics identified as top TA needs. DBP programs are welcome to participate.

Medicaid Education 101 for Trainees: Learn About Medicaid and Home and Community Based Services

Thursday, September 21, 2023
Location: Webinar

AUCD hosted an educational webinar for trainees to learn about the structure and financing of the Medicaid program and Home and Community-Based Services. The speakers provided an overview of the Medicaid program and its structure and financing. The webinar also provided an overview of what is happening in Congress and the Administration regarding the Medicaid program.

NTDC Presents: Developing Inclusive Training Programs Through Universal Design for Learning

Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Location: Zoom

Join us for an interactive discussion on universal design for learning (UDL) and learn how your program can develop a more inclusive training approach by applying UDL principles. The panel will highlight two training programs in the AUCD Network with experience applying UDL in their work. Come prepared with questions and plan to participate in a facilitated activity! We highly encourage training programs to come ready to share their program's approach to UDL and/or bring a document or resource on which they would like to get feedback on from a UDL lens.

2023 Emerging Leaders End of Year Webinar

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Location: Zoom

This webinar is to celebrate the end of the academic year and share professional development tips with outgoing and continuing trainees in the Emerging Leaders Community, including advice on staying engaged with the AUCD network. Participants will hear from our Emerging Leader Board Member, Aliana Romero, AuD, CCC-A, and AUCD's Council Trainee Representatives.

Autism SIG Round Table on Leadership and Mentorship

Monday, May 8, 2023
Location: virtual

The Autism SIG invites you to a roundtable discussion on leadership and mMentorship. The Autism SIG co-chairs will facilitate a recap of the webinar series and provide a perspective on the importance of mentorship and leadership for the autistic community. Members of the Autism SIG will have the chance to speak in breakout rooms on various topics decided by the SIG.

A First Look at the 2023 IACC Strategic Plan

Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Location: virtual

The IACC Strategic Plan, first issued in 2009, guides federal agencies and private organizations in planning ASD-related research, services, and support activities. It is produced by the IACC, including federal officials and public stakeholder members. It is informed by extensive input from researchers, adults on the autism spectrum, parents, advocates, and the general public. This inclusive process ensures that the IACC Strategic Plan reflects diverse perspectives across the autism community.

Leadership and Mentorship Through the Eyes of a Self-Advocate

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Location: virtual

Steven Isaacson, B.A. is a Policy Analyst at the Office of Autism Research Coordination (OARC). Mr. Isaacson will share his lived experiences with autistic leadership. Steven believes in the power of autistic peer mentorship and strengths-based practice. Mr. Isaacson will share his perspective as an autistic business owner and peer coach.

2023 Disability Policy Seminar Orientation and Policy Education 101 Workshop: Preparing to Educate Policymakers in DC and at Home

Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Location: Virtual

This workshop helped trainees learn how to educate policymakers in DC and at home. It also taught trainees how to connect their experience and expertise to policy. Finally, the workshop helped prepare trainees for the virtual 2023 Disability Policy Seminar that was on Monday, April 24th, and the fly-in hill day on Thursday, April 27th.

PEERS: What Is It and What Have We Learned?

Monday, April 10, 2023
Location: virtual

From this seminar, attendees will learn what PEERS is, its advantages, some of the challenges, and how we are adapting it to meet a wide variety of needs, skill sets, and individuals.

April 2023: Autism Acceptance Month

Saturday, April 1, 2023
Location: Virtual

AUCD's Autism Special Interest Group (SIG) is sponsoring a series of webinars for Autism Acceptance Month. This webinar series will focus on mentorship and leadership in the Autism Spectrum community.

NTDC Presents: The Recruitment and Role of Self-Advocate Faculty in Training Programs

Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Location: Virtual

Join us for an interactive discussion on the recruitment and role of Self-Advocate Faculty in training programs. The panel will highlight two training programs in the AUCD Network with experience on this topic. Come prepared with questions and plan to participate in a facilitated discussion! We encourage training programs to invite their Self-Advocate Faculty to participate in the discussion.

Now Archived: 2023 AUCD Leadership Academy Informational Webinar

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Location: Zoom

This webinar will offer interested potential applicants an opportunity to interact with the AUCD Leadership Academy faculty. The webinar will feature a brief overview of the 2023 Academy curriculum and timeline. This will be followed by a time for questions from potential applicants to the 2023 AUCD Leadership Academy. In addition, alumni will share their reflections about the benefits they gained from participation in the week-long academy. and the follow-up activities.

NIRS Bootcamp for MCHB Training Programs

Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Location: Zoom

ITAC is sponsoring a NIRS Bootcamp for MCHB Training Programs. General Topics for each Day: Day 1: January 17th, 2023: Topics - Overview and Benefits of NIRS, the NIRS-DGIS Process, and Administration of NIRS profiles Day 2: January 24th, 2023: Topics - Trainee Dataset & Surveys Day 3: January 31st, 2023: Topics - Projects, Activities & Products Datasets Day 4: February 7th, 2023: Topics - Advanced NIRS: Importing/Exporting data and the Autism CARES Module Each Boot Camp session will be held virtually from 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM EST. Homework will be given prior to each session, and each day of will begin with time for questions and answers from participants.

The LEND Self-Advocacy Discipline Network Presents: Introduction of the LEND Self-Advocacy Discipline Competencies

Thursday, December 1, 2022
Location: Zoom

The LEND Self-Advocacy Discipline Network (LSDN) aims to strengthen the Self-Advocacy discipline across the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) network by supporting self-advocate trainees and faculty, developing best practices, and providing leadership opportunities across the LEND network. The LEND Self-Advocacy Discipline Competencies are a product of the LEND Self-Advocacy Discipline Network.