CQL's Fall 2007 Community Life LENS Conference

Tuesday, September 25, 2007- Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Location: Des Moines, IA


The community is the place where personal quality of life flourishes. Organizations facilitate personal quality of life when they are integrated in their communities.

A lens is a channel through which something can be seen or understood; it is used to concentrate light on a subject. It brings things into focus.

CQL's LENS experience brings together a unique blend of experiential exercises to explore quality of life within a community context through:

  • Learning
  • Exploring & Experiencing
  • Networking
  • Strategizing & Sharing

Participants are part of a unique community learning experience, going outside the meeting room into real and virtual space. Groups will explore the web and go out into the community to learn about quality of life, community data, making collective decisions from different perspectives, and developing a strategic community focus. Under the guidance of CQL's expert facilitators and community representatives, participant teams will discover how to extend the information gathering process to their own situations and the lives of people in their organizations.


During this conference, you will learn the skills to:

  • Define various perspectives on the meaning of "community"
  • Use different learning styles and experiences to gather and analyze data about quality and Community Life SM
  • Reframe your thinking to look at the community surrounding your own organization
  • Identify the Community Life SM and Social Capital data most important to your community and to your organization
  • Strategize how to use the data to impact your organizational planning efforts
  • Identify how to build partnerships for your organization within your community
  • Actualize the Community Life SM measures
  • Plan and undertake strategic initiatives to enhance quality of Community Life SM

Conference Agenda
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Sponsoring organizations:
Mosaic - Des Moines
The Arc of North Carolina