2021 Directors' Retreat

2021 Directors' Retreat


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Monday, October 4, 2021
3:00 - 5:00 pm ET
Location: Virtual

Session 2: Culturally Competent Collaboration and Community Engagement

This second session built on the material from session one to identify the distinctions between equity, diversity, and inclusion. The session started with a presentation by Tawara Goode (Director of the Georgetown UCEDD and LEND and President of the AUCD Board of Directors) on Implications for Defining and Applying the Concept and Practices of Equity in Intellecutual and Developmental Disabilities, and then featured a panel to discuss equitable community engagement across the AUCD network. The session concluded with breakout rooms, which were not recorded to further these conversations in specific topic areas.

The panel featured:

  • Moderator: Betsy Humphreys, Director, NH-ME LEND Program
  • A. Pablo Juarez, Senior Associate in Pediatrics, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, and Special Education, and C-Director, Treatment and Resaerch Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD) Director, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center UCEDD
  • Emelyne Bingham, Senior Lecturer at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt Kennedy Center UCEDD
  • Hibo Omer, NH-ME LEND Faculty and Associate Director, New Mainers Public Health Initiative
  • Leann DaWalt, UCEDD Director and IDDRC Senior Scientist, Waisman Center
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