National Maternal Nutrition Intensive Course

Wednesday, July 25, 2007- Friday, July 27, 2007
Location: University of Minnesota: onsite and distance educa

The National Maternal Nutrition Intensive Course will be held July 25-27, 2007 at the University of Minnesota. Both onsite and distance education options are available. Agencies that send a participant to the onsite course will receive complimentary access to the distance education component of the course for the rest of their staff.

Some of the topics at the course this summer include a multiethnic and multiracial perspective on pregnancy and postpartum health, immigrant experiences with food assistance programs, an IOM workshop update, effects of prenatal methamphetamine use, the New WHO Growth Standards, postpartpartum weight and breastfeeding, management of diabetes during pregnancy, and nutrition, weight and birth defects.

Access to a full description of the program, as well as registration information can be found on the National Maternal Nutrition Intensive Course webpage.