2007 MCH Federal/State Partnership Meeting: "Building Blocks 4 Promising Practice Models"

Sunday, October 14, 2007- Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Location: Alexandria, VA

This conference will introduce the concept of "promising practice models" for improving maternal and child health for 4 groups addressed by maternal and child health programs: (1) women of childbearing age and infants; (2) children and youth; (3) children with special health care needs; and (4) families. Plenary and breakout sessions will present existing promising practice models directed towards these 4 segments of the maternal and child health population and a wide spectrum of current and emerging maternal and child health issues. Promising practice models presented will also include examples of effective partnerships between Federal, State, and local governments, institutions of higher education, the medical community, private organizations, and the business community. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to identify promising practice models that have the potential to enhance maternal and child health outcomes in their State and to partner with maternal and child health experts who have experience with those models through peer-to-peer technical assistance.